Weekend Antics

This past weekend was normal and fun, just the way I like it.

Friday night, Ryan’s brother Michael and his wife and kids were on their way back from the beach so they stopped in Atlanta to spend the night and break up their trip. We went over to YiaYia and PaPou’s to hang out and play. This is the only picture I took, but Coop is behind Ryan, pretending to be his extra arms. I love being an aunt to those boys. Although it is weird to be called Aunt Sloan…

Saturday, I worked and Ryan played golf. We decided last minute to go to Tanaka for dinner, which is our favorite sushi place ever. It was amazing and Mr. Tanaka’s birthday, so everyone wished him happy birthday. Awesome and fun date with my favorite guy.

Sunday, we went to BBB and bought some stuff for the apartment and went to the grocery store. Lots of fun. For dinner, we went to Pease and Ross’s to see their new puppy Sheldon! He is seriously the cutest thing and we had so much fun playing and just watching him walk around. He’d play for 30 minutes and then just lay down wherever he was and fall asleep. It was SO CUTE.

Ryan and I got him this little duck toy at BBB. It was super cute and you could throw it like a slingshot. I think he liked it.

I also had my last Coke on Sunday because I started Whole 30 on Monday. (Another story for another day.)

Monday (I’m counting it because it’s my weekend), I worked and did a floor and window change. So I guess it’s technically not my weekend.

I’m seriously in love with these windows. They’re way too fun.

And that was our weekend. Normal, yet fun.



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