A Mini Bedroom Tour

I’ve always loved a good before and after. So here is the bedroom of our apartment- before Ryan and after Ryan. This was the main room that I wanted to change because I thought it felt a little “college-age.” Plus, it was pretty messy, but that’s besides the point. Or maybe that is the point.

When this picture was taken, Ryan’s stuff had moved in, but Ryan’s person had not. So a lot of the stuff was still in boxes laying around. This quilt was one that I pieced and Mama quilted for my birthday present. The headboard was found in Lala and Big Daddy’s garage apartment, the bookcase is one I’ve had for probably 20 years and the little table is from Mama and Daddy’s house. The lamp on the left is from Ikea and the one on the right was Mimi and Papa’s. I got the jewelry case (far left) as a birthday present one year.

You can kinda see the orange chair here. It has great contemporary lines, but desperately needs to be recovered. It was my first piece of furniture that I’ve ever bought.

And the after! It’s not 100% done, but it’s getting there. The sconces and new bedspread make a huge difference, as does cleaning off the top of the bookshelf. I’ll take credit for the sconces and bedspread, but the bookshelf is all Ryan.

I’m not one for “staging” bedside tables and coffee tables before I take a picture. Now, if this was going into Southern Living or some other magazine, then obviously. But this is my little blog and it’s for everyday life and this is my everyday.

And this is the before of the dresser.

Okay, well, this is the real before. Complete with TV from freshman year of college with the DVD/VCR combo and Warrior Dash hat. Ryan’s, not mine. Obviously. And the fan and mess on the floor.

And the after. The biggest difference is the new tv, obviously. But our wedding present clock is there, along with a tray to corral all of Ryan’s “stuff.”

And that’s the mini-tour of our bedroom. It’s a pretty tiny room, but it’s perfect for us right now. Plus, this keeps us from having a bunch of stuff. Because I would totally go out and buy furniture and hit up every boutique and thrift store looking to fill a house. But, not possible. This apartment is teaching me contentment. And it’s a lesson I’m gladly learning.


One Comment on “A Mini Bedroom Tour”

  1. Lisa Howard says:

    Love the re-do! The colors are great! And that orange chair…fab-U-lous!

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