Restaurant Club Goes To Verde (And Talks Prince George)

Let me just tell you. Sarah and I have some good timing. On Tuesday, we had the first Restaurant Club we’ve had in MONTHS. And on the day the baby Prince makes his royal debut. So obviously, we had a lot to talk about, even though we didn’t know his name quite yet. Although Sarah totally called that his name would be George. I thought Phillip or Charles would be in there, but obviously that was totally wrong. Oh, well. I’m sure they’ll have more kids.

The world’s first view! She looked fabulous, but I guess I would too if I had someone to blow out my hair everyday. Ah, the life of a Duchess. Of course, I had it streaming at work waiting on them to come out, but as soon as the doors opened, someone came in the store so I didn’t see any of it. Of course, it’s on the DVR and I’ve watched it since. And it will never be deleted. Ever.

A good shot of that now-famous “mummy tummy.” Loved her dress and both of them in blue. And I thought William’s belt was very edgy. I liked it.

And love this picture of them looking at baby George. (By the way, I like it. A lot of people have given it flack, but it’s a great name for a man. Kinda weird for a baby, but he’ll only be a baby for a few years.)

And the happy little family, driving off to meet the rest of the family. Aka Great-Granny, aka the Queen.

Oh, and an actual picture of the babe. The sad thing is I’ll probably be dead before he is King. What a strange feeling.

So, now onto Restaurant Club. We hit up Verde because Sarah wanted to try their fish tacos. The first time she’d had them was a few weeks ago when I had her over. Fish tacos are my favorite and what I will order every time if it’s an option on the menu. We even got to sit out on the porch because for some reason, this summer hasn’t been oppressively hot like most Georgia summers are.

We started with every good Mexican appetizer- Margaritas and salsa. The salsa was good and classic, but a bit spicy for my liking. I do not eat anything spicy, though, so it’s probably fine for most people. The margs, of course, were delicious. But then again, I’ve never met one I didn’t like.

We both got the grilled tilapia tacos and I got the short rib and a veggie to take to work the next day and Sarah got the fajita steak. I liked the fish and veggie the best of mine. Both were very good and I would order them again. The short rib was also good, but I think I’ve decided I don’t like beef in Mexican food.

Of course, as always, the highlight was getting to spend time with this girl. She’s remarkable.


One Comment on “Restaurant Club Goes To Verde (And Talks Prince George)”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Ahhhhh!! We will probably be dead before he’s king?!?! You’re right, and that is REALLY weird to think about.

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