Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I had every intention of blogging for yesterday, but at the last minute, Ryan and I decided to go to the Braves game with Carolyn and when we got home, Daddy had mailed us the wedding video he took on his GoPro, so we watched that and then it was midnight, but I hadn’t read the ESPN Johnny Maziel piece yet, so I did that instead of blog/sleep. Priorities.

Two sidenotes:
1: I think I’m pretty convinced I don’t want a dog yet. Ever since Pease and Ross got Sheldon (and before), I’ve been DYING for a dog. Baby, no thanks. Dog, yes please! However, Ryan and I have made some spontaneous last minute plans lately that would have been derailed if we had a puppy, so I’m good for now.
2: I feel terrible for Johnny Manziel. He’s just a kid, in college and I’m a little worried about him. Bleeding heart and all that. So that’s where I stand. Not that you care.

Okay, back to the Braves game.

Here we are waiting on Carolyn to get there. Ryan is Mr. Punctual, so we were fairly early. But we got great seats and we used our last buy one, get one free coupon. My caption for this picture on Instagram was “My original plan for tonight was laundry. This is much better.” I tried to make him pose, but he wouldn’t, so I snuck this one.

I got the famous Holman and Finch burger and it definitely lives up to its name of ‘Best Burger in Atlanta.’ I didn’t even notice I forgot to put ketchup and mustard on it until almost the end. They now also have a Waffle House at Turner, so my life is basically set. I can’t wait to watch a game while digging into some hashbrowns with extra ketchup. Yum.

The Braves played awesome and won! It was so fun to watch, and we got to see Todd Cunningham make his Major League start and get a hit on his first time at bat! Ryan looked him up and he grew up in Alabama, so he probably grew up a Braves fan. So fun to watch, thinking he was living his childhood dream!

And I made him take a picture with me because we don’t seem to take them as often anymore.

It was a great night at the ole ball game!


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