My Weekend

My weekend was the perfect mix of nothing and something, so I thought a good recap would be in order. Thursday morning, bright and early, Ryan and Mikey left for Denver. Mikey is moving out there for school, so Ryan drove out with him. I’ve driven to Wyoming and Utah with friends, so I knew it would be a good time for them to hang out.

Friday night, Iz came over and I made Annette’s Enchiladas from Bread and Wine and we watched Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. I seriously don’t think I’ve seen it in 20 years (um, how am I old enough for that to be possible??) so it was fun to re-watch it. Also, the enchiladas were freaking awesome and I would highly recommend them. Super easy and super good. They are definitely now part of our dinner rotation and if I know you, you will probably receive a pan at some point in your life. As Sarah Bessey said, they are definitely not picture-worthy (no one would ever pin them on Pinterest), but they are eating-worthy.

Saturday morning, I got up early because I had to deliver an art piece to a client, so after my delivery, I stopped at Starbucks and read my book and enjoyed a large Chai Latte and cheese danish. I refuse to say the “Starbucks Lingo” because there is nothing wrong with small, medium and large. I finished that book and headed to work. After work, I ran by Pier One because I am looking for cushions for our dining chairs. I found some but didn’t love them. So I went to World Market where I didn’t find any, but I did find 2 shirts, 2 pairs of earrings and a bag of Haribo gummy bears. (One of the shirts is being returned.) I also found this gift bag that I can’t wait to give someone.

Saturday night, I just ate more enchiladas and watched The First Wives Club and Oprah’s Next Chapter with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. I’ve decided what I like about it is I like seeing the people in their own environment and how awkward Oprah kinda is.

I also spent part of the day trying to convince Ryan we needed this kitten. Isn’t it the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen??

On Sunday, I crazy overslept and was late getting to Pease and Ross’s for Pease and me to head to Athens for Mock Recruitment. Even though we were late leaving, we arrived in Athens just in time and luckily, there was no wait at Last Resort so we got in! I had the strawberry pancakes and Kathleen and Peaser had omelettes. I also had to pick up a piece of Cecilia’s Spanish Lemon cake for later. We listened to the girls practice their songs and looked around the house. The new new part is so big a beautiful! It’s hard to believe what used to be there! We walked around with Marialice and gave some suggestions for room changes.

On the way home, I got a text from Ryan that Pete and Monica had gotten a new puppy, so Pease and I ran over to meet her since they live fairly close. She is the tiniest, sweetest thing ever!

They are trying to decide on a name and my vote is Cali.

After playing with Cali, we headed back to Pease and Ross’s for dinner. They made these delicious turkey burger and homemade fries and we all had a bite of cake. And we played with Sheldon. He is in that crazy, fun toddler stage and he is becoming so mischievous. Love him.

It was awesome spending all day with Peaser because we haven’t done that in what seems like forever.

Shortly after dinner, I hit the road to pick up Ryan from the airport. I was happy to have him home. Perfect ending to the weekend.


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