A Random List

I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about, so this will be a whole bunch of randomness.

  • My plants did not make it. One tomato plant was infested with bugs and the other had a huge caterpillar eat it, along with my jalapenos. He was super fat. I couldn’t pick him off, so Ryan did and then he chunked him. I hope he splatted.
  • After two trips to the Social Security office and waiting on hold for 45 minutes one morning, I finally have changed my name. It’s a long story, but it’s basically impossible to change your first name due to homeland security. So now I have 4 names. Fun times. (My full name was Catherine Sloan Maiden. It is now Catherine Sloan Maiden Last. Yes, it obnoxious.) So now I get to go to the DMV and wait in line again for that to go through.
  • I have started using BB Cream and Baby Lips by Mabelline. I love them both. The baby lips makes my lips soft and gives them some sheer color. The lip gloss I was using my lips peel. And I really do think the BB cream makes my skin look better. So I highly recommend them.
  • We basically scrubbed the whole apartment the other week when Ryan’s parents and grandmother came to dinner. It feels so good and I’ve been trying to keep it that way, but I have two huge piles of clean clothes that need to be put away. Blah. (I keep waiting on Ryan to do it, but I’m giving up tonight and just going to do it. :))
  • We now have this little Google Chrome Cast thing which streams things from your computer to the TV. It’s only $35 and you get 3 free months of Netflix with it. So it’s basically $11. We started (and finished the first season of) Breaking Bad. It’s so crazy good and now we’re trying to figure out how to cook meth. (That was a joke. I have no idea how to even start.) But when he starts talking about chemistry, my eyes glaze over just a bit. English/history/art all the way!
  • I’ve been eating Neopolitan ice cream at night, which makes me think of my great-grandmother. We always had it when we went over to her house. I would never eat the strawberry though because I thought I didn’t like it. Well, now I love it, so I’m mourning those years that I missed out.
  • No TV Tuesday has somewhat fallen to the wayside since Ryan made himself at home here. So I’m thinking now of No-TV Wednesdays since he usually goes to Trivia that night. I’ve gotten behind on my book since we started Breaking Bad, so I need to catch up!
  • Haribo gummy bears are the best.

I think that’s a good one to end on. :)


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