Weekend Recap: Heavy on the Breaking Bad

I can summarize our weekend into this simple statement: Normal with a side of Breaking Bad. Yes, we are full-on addicted. The good news is, we’re into season 4 and only have one more season left before we are officially caught up. Which means the end is in sight and I can finally start doing other things again. And yes, this is a weekend post on Thursday. Because I’m lame like that.

Friday afternoon, Mama texted Ryan and me and asked if we had any plans and wanted to have dinner that night. So we met them in Decatur at Iberian Pig. It was yummy and we all really enjoyed it. Plus, there were other things on the menu that I’d like to try, so we will definitely be back.

Love these sweet parents of mine.

And of course, when we got home, we watched Breaking Bad.

Saturday, I worked as usual and then Sarah came over with quac and Ryan cooked fish tacos. It was nice to hang out with her before she moves out of the apartment complex. I’m also thankful that she can come and hang out with us  and is just as much Ryan’s friend as mine. But, I guess since she’s the reason Ryan and I met, of course are. Sadly, no pictures.

After she went home, more Breaking Bad.

On Sunday, Ryan and I got up crazy early to go try Buttermilk Kitchen before church. They open at 8 and I think we got there at 8:03. I had the buttermilk pancakes and they were delicious. Maybe the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Our original plan was to eat, go to Sunday School and then church, but we realized we could make it to the early service, so we did. We tried a new Sunday School class for the first time and we both really liked it. I’m excited about getting plugged in at church.

After church, we ran to the grocery store and then headed home for yes, more Breaking Bad.

That afternoon, we went to Pete and Monica’s to celebrate Mama R’s birthday. I made fruit dip to take. Ryan even ate it. And is still eating it, because we brought a ton home.

The birthday girl with Cali. (And yes, her name is officially Cali. I named her!)

One more, because she is so sweet.

Arg. My phone takes forever to focus now, so lots of my photos are blurry.

After dinner, we came home and watched more Breaking Bad.

Also, Sarah introduced me to What’s Alan Watching, so I’ve enjoyed his analysis of Breaking Bad. Although I have been very careful not to read ahead.

And that, was our weekend.



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