Our Favorite Season

Well, it’s almost time for football!! (Well, technically kick-off starts tonight.) Georgia kicks off against Clemson Saturday night at 8:00, just the beginning of our nerve-wracking season. I’m very cautious about getting too excited.

So that means it’s finally time for our Georgia door hanger that Jamie gave us as a shower gift!

Of course, this really makes me wish that our door wasn’t brown. (If I had my way, it’d probably be red, but I also think that I would change it during the different seasons. Yes, that’s a lot of thought for a front door that I don’t have yet.)

And it’s interesting to me that in our Sunday School class, we are the only Georgia fans. We are way outnumbered by Clemson, Auburn, Tech and even Florida. Yikes.

Fingers crossed for a great season! Goooo Dawgs!!


One Comment on “Our Favorite Season”

  1. Lisa Howard says:

    Another Georgia fan here! I’m going on a camping trip this weekend but had to insist on a “field trip” to a nearby sports bar to watch the game. Have fun rooting for our Dawgs on Saturday!

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