My weekend technically started the Sunday before when my boss called me and said that we were going to close the store the Saturday of Labor Day. Well hallelujah, amen. An actual 3 day weekend.

So Ryan spent that week trying to find me a ticket for the Georgia-Clemson game so I could tag along with him and Alec. This whole summer, I’ve been more nervous than excited about football season. There’s a lot riding on it and some high expectations. While Clemson was interesting, this weekend will be more telling. Anyway.

Sarah was going up with some friends and I decided to surprise her. Now, good idea in theory. However, Friday night Ryan and I were discussing showering and he could tell I was slightly distressed, so he asked me what was wrong. So I told him. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to straighten my hair or leave it curly. And he was immediately sorry he asked, but we discussed it and I decided to wear it curly. See, Sarah would have understood and cared and helped me to see that the problem with leaving it curly was that I would have to wait for it to dry before going to sleep. Well, I spent the whole night panicking that my hair was going to look wonky the next morning. However, it was fine. That is a lot of words about my hair.

Saturday morning, we woke up and left AT SIX and met Alec in Commerce. However, he was 20 minutes late, which meant I could have slept for 20 more minutes. Oh, well.

And now I will stop complaining.

We got to Clemson and parked and decided to walk to Gameday because no one we knew was there yet. (It was 12 hours until kickoff. Ryan likes being early.)

There are lots of overalls at Clemson. I know it’s becoming trendy again, so I’m guessing that’s why.

Behind where Gameday was were some steps, so we just camped out there and watched the hoopla. There was a lot of orange.

This is what your tailgate looks like when you’re tagging along with two boys. Plus lots of beer and Woodford.

After a while, we started to want real food, so we walked downtown to find something. We ended up eating at Pita Pit, which I’m pretty sure is the first time I’ve eaten there sober.

We saw this on the way. (Let’s be real- I’m mostly including this so you can see my whole outfit.)

After Pita Pit, I got a snowcone after wanting one all summer long. This is the way to walk around Clemson- behind two guys carrying your coolers, eating a snowcone.

Then we headed off to find Sarah. And learned that Clemson is named after a person.

Found her!!

We hung out there for a while and it started raining, which panicked me a tiny bit because I totally forgot a raincoat. But it stopped eventually, so Ryan and I headed over to see some of my cousins who are Clemson fans. Sadly, no pictures.

Eventually, it was time to head into the game. We still had a lot of beer left over, so Ryan and Alec just left it sitting in the middle of the street. I did make him leave it open, so no one would think it was a suspicious package.

Clemson’s stadium is very difficult to get into, if you’re not familiar with it. Probably even worse than Georgia Tech’s. We did eventually figure it out. Obviously.

We were on the second to last row and it was SO STEEP to get up there. I couldn’t look up when we were climbing the stairs, or I would get really dizzy.

Their stadium is next to the river, which is kinda cool.

Clemson’s run-in is supposed to be the “most exciting 25 seconds in college football,” but it was a little lack-luster to me. I prefer it when the whole team runs in together. I did like our new flags though. I thought they looked good.

And then the game. Sigh. Well, first of all, I really like sitting between Ryan and Alec because I learned a lot. I know a lot about football, but they know way more than I do, so I think that’s always fun. All in all, it wasn’t that bad, but we lost, so it wasn’t that good either. I thought the muffed snap for a field goal and the fumble right before halftime were momentum killers and we just never really got it back. I didn’t think the defense was as bad as I thought they would be, but the offense wasn’t as good. And every one is saying it, so I’ll just echo it- our o-line was terrible and Clowney is going to eat Murray for lunch next week. Not good at all.

However, as Ryan said, if there was a game to lose, this one was it. Early in the season and non-conference. Hopefully, the boys will pick it up for this week. I know Spurrier is licking his chops.



One Comment on “Georgia/Clemson”

  1. hahahah Yes, I’m here to talk about hair, red skirt vs. black shorts vs. black skirt vs. black and white polka dot dress. Call me next time! For Ryan’s sake. Curly hair and outfit were a win!

    And maybe they’ll let us sit with them more at games… love you. xoxo

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