Housekeeping (Literally)

Before we get started, can we just have a moment of silence for our recently departed Rachel Zoe Project? Even Ryan was sad because he did not have a chance to decide if he really likes her or not. And also a congratulations because she officially announced she is pregnant. Not that we haven’t known for the past 3 months anyway.

Anyway, back to the usual stuff. Actually, that is pretty usual.

This is one of those stupid life updates that no one will care about, me included.

Before the boy moved in, I did laundry about once a month. I don’t wash my clothes every time I wear them and I have enough underwear for months. However, Ryan tends to go through his clothes much faster than I do. He does this little thing called exercise and would look at me and tell me he was out of underwear. Um, that doesn’t work. So I have a new system. Monday is my day off, so I do two loads of laundry- whites and sheets one week and darks and towels the next week. It’s not perfect and it doesn’t happen every week, but Ryan hasn’t run out of underwear yet which is the goal.

The second housekeeping item that I’m trying to employ is meal planning. Ryan does most of the cooking around here, but when I cook, I want it to last for more than one meal and I want it to be pretty healthy. Also, Ryan wants it to be relatively healthy. We’ve only been doing it for a week and there are still some kinks to work out, but so far, so good. Just a small list of what we’ve had so far because I’m always looking for meal ideas:
BBQ Sloppy Joes and Roasted Carrots (Make sure you watch the carrots because they will burn quickly.)Turkey Burgers and Roasted Green Beans (I’m totally on a roasted veggie kick because they are delicious. They also take a long time, unfortunately. Also, if anyone has a trick to make turkey burgers not dry, I would appreciate it.)
Annette’s Enchiladas from Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequiest (Just amazing. Also, I don’t fry the tortillas before putting them in. It might make them better, but they’re pretty damn good anyway.
Taco Chicken Bowls (This is actually what we’re having tonight. But they’re awesome and a crockpot meal. Score.)
I also have more stuff on my “Completed” board on Pinterest, along with my review- if you could even call it that. But I’ve also found that going to the grocery store is much more enjoyable when I have a comprehensive list and know that it’s the only time I’m going all week and I’m good. Plus, it helps me stay within our budget.

Props to you if you actually read this. I know that neither one of these ideas are revolutionary, but they are making my life just a little bit easier, which is probably why the rest of the world does them also. Does anyone else have any ideas for dinner plans? Or ways that you’ve simplified your life? I’m always looking for ideas.


One Comment on “Housekeeping (Literally)”

  1. Erika B. says:

    My best tip for burgers is to just get the Veggie Masala burgers from Trader Joes and call it a day. They are the best and they are perfect either on the stovetop or grill. Never dry. Never take more than 8 minutes. Never get your dishes or hands dirty. What’s not to love?

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