A Tiny House Update

In an apartment this small (about 650 sq ft.), with two people and all of their shiny new wedding gifts, it’s hard to have a piece of furniture that doesn’t serve any purpose, other than being decorative.

So, a few weeks ago when we were cleaning out Mimi’s room, Mama asked me if I’d like to have this little chest that had more storage options. It has a few drawers and a cabinet.

It’s a little lower, so I put a picture below to fill in the space and put the lamp on a few books. I need to print out a picture from our honeymoon for the frame.

I like the color of the wood against the gray. And it’s really nice that I could take some stuff out of the kitchen cabinet and don’t have to wrestle with all of the extra pots and pans every time I want one thing out of there. It’s the little things.


One Comment on “A Tiny House Update”

  1. Tori says:

    Big props to me bc I read your housekeeping post, all of it, and will try the recipes you posted. Love to read your blog while I am in doctors’ office waiting rooms. And I’m in there quite a bit. One thing that makes my life easier…. and although its a bit overwhelming at first, it is fabulous and now I have do much fun doing it. My friend Julie and I get together about once every three months, in the church kitchen, and cook all day. We each pick four recipes, and bring enough to make two of each recipe. At the end if the day, we walk away with 10 or so meals each for our freezer. So easy. And now that we have a handle on it, we have so much fun. And I get to try some different stuff too. Plus, just trying to figure out what to cook is half my struggle. It’s made a big difference for me.

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