On Sunday, after Ryan and I got home from church, we did a little bit of cleaning around the apartment and then I went to the bedroom to watch the Georgia game while Ryan watched NFL RedZone in the living room. I was supposed to be putting clothes away, but I was really just laying in the bed. (I didn’t watch the game after work because we were playing North Texas and right after work, I headed to a party with our Sunday School class. We won, even though it wasn’t pretty.)

Anyway, at one point, I walked into the living room to put something in there and saw Ryan asleep on the sofa. He looked so cute and sweet, I had to take a picture.

However, I forgot to turn my sound off, so he heard the picture go off and asked me if I took a picture of him.


P.S.- I’m obsessed with those blue and white pillows.


One Comment on “Sleepy”

  1. Erika B. says:

    That is too funny– love those pillows, too, though!!!

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