31 Days of Real Life: Day One

Originally, I wasn’t planning on doing a 31 Days series. I couldn’t really think of a topic and I don’t really have time anyway. But, last night at 10:20, I came up with something so I’m going with it.

Will this be profound or educational and you’ll learn lots of great stuff about how to cook or organize or whatever? Negative. This is just for me. Every day, I will take a picture and just write a little bit about it. Good, bad, ugly.

I am a reader. (I also wear Christmas pajamas all year round, but that’s another story for another day.) And I like to plan what I’m going to read. This summer, I read 11 new books, so this fall, I am reading books that I have read before and loved. First up is the Mark of the Lion series and after that will be Harry Potter. I’m thinking these will last me through at least January.

So last night, I picked up the first book and started reading. It was a little on the later side, but nothing crazy. Well, Ryan decided that he was ready to go to sleep and that this would be a great time to be annoying. I was asked at least 10 times if I was done, he wouldn’t give me my bookmark, instead holding it and not letting it go until he threw it across the room, showing me YouTube videos about Ed Orgeron, making up weird songs, etc, etc. And because he was being annoying, I got SUPER whiney, which is not annoying AT ALL. (Insert sarcasm.)

After I was finally done reading and settled into bed, he asked if I was annoyed with him. Of course, I said yes, but the most annoying part was that I couldn’t stay mad at him. He’s just too cute and sweet and funny.


One Comment on “31 Days of Real Life: Day One”

  1. Catherine Corry says:

    Best two book choices ever. EVER. Please get Erika on board. And then watch 24 and we will forever be best literary (plus TV) friends. Me, you, Hadassah, Marcus, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Jack, Tony… I miss my friends now, may be meeting up again soon too!

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