31 Days of Real Life: Day 15

Last night, Ryan and I went for a walk. This isn’t something we do regularly enough. But I love it because it’s time for us to connect- no phone, no tv, no books, just us. Someone tweeted a quote the other day that was something along the lines of “My biggest regret is that I didn’t spend enough time outside.” And I am on that path. I’m not someone that enjoys exercising, so I am constantly trying to find a way that I enjoy it. And maybe walking is my thing.

*We’re pretty much at the half-way point of 31 Days. When I started this, I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it. It seemed a little silly. But as I’ve done it each day, it’s made me realize that there is simple beauty in the everyday, real life kinda stuff. Not just the “blog worthy.” It has made me look around and notice what is beautiful in my day. In this season, life is pretty basic for me. Ryan is doing some traveling, but it’s very hard for me to get off of work, so I’m here at home. I like being at home, so it doesn’t bother me, but I do miss him while he’s gone. But, as someone much smarter that me said, seasons are temporary. It takes several of them to make a whole year. So I’m enjoying this quiet season because it won’t be like this forever.


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