31 Days of Real Life: Day 25, 26, 27, 28

Thursday night, we had Supper Club and pumpkin carving with our Sunday School class. We had a great time and at lots of chili- chili cheese fries, frito pies, chili dogs and just plain chili. Even though first going into the class was a little nerve-wracking, we have been welcomed with open arms. Our pumpkin was the Frankenstein in the middle.

I put off doing my “closet switchover” and then it got cold almost over night. So I’ve been trying to cobble together outfits from the clothes I have out. I pulled out my winter clothes, but the space bags made them a wrinkled mess, so now I’m dealing with that.

Saturday morning, we hit the road for North Carolina for Allan and Tara’s wedding. We got in around 3 and the wedding was at 5:30, so it was a mad dash to get ready and go. But we had so much fun dancing all night with everyone and then hanging out at the bar afterwards. I’m so grateful for my family and how much we all love each other and get along.

Sunday morning, we had brunch (breakfast) at Aunt Virginia’s and tried to get out in time for us to stop in Charlotte to see Papa and make it back in time for me to go to Bible study. But we ended up visiting and talking too long and didn’t get home in time. But, family is the most important. Also, has anyone else noticed that fortune cookies are no longer fortune cookies?


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