31 Days of Real Life: Day 29

No picture today, just words.

My new “routine” is going to the grocery store on Sunday. However, since we were out of town, I went today. I usually try to make conversation with the people checking me out because I think they probably don’t have a ton of people actually talking to them. And today the man bagging my groceries talked to me about fasting. He first did the Daniel fast about five years ago with his church and ever since then, he has fasted one day a week. (I think he probably fasts from 5 pm Sunday night to 5pm on Monday because he said he would be able to eat at 5.)

I love his sweet, quiet faithfulness. But more than that, I found myself thinking about how interesting people are and how sad that we really get to know very few. I’m glad I got to know one just a little bit better today.


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