31 Days of Real Life: Day 30

(I can’t get my photo to turn right-side up. Arg.)

Yesterday, I packed my lunch. I usually take my lunch to work, but I’ve been doing a lot of frozen meals lately because I am lazy. But I’ve been convicted of how much TRASH I’ve been producing just from my lunch. It’s pretty disgusting. Plus, it’s a lot less expensive to make a sandwich. I don’t talk very much about the environment around here, but it’s something that’s pretty consuming at my job. We were only given one Earth and God told us to take care of it. It’s not that hard to make simple choices that will prevent throwing stuff away or even recycling. But first, I have to do my part.


2 Comments on “31 Days of Real Life: Day 30”

  1. Erika B. says:

    I am gazing longingly at your Cheetos. No frozen meal can provide Cheetos, so good call here.

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