Our First Pet

Ryan has been out of town for 3 of the last 5 weekends. So I’ve been a little lonely and in need of some quality time. So on Sunday afternoon, we were throwing out some ideas of things to do together. I threw out going to look at puppies, knowing it would be immediately shut down. However, Ryan countered with going to get a fish. And that is a pet we could find room for.

Our last picture as a family of 2!

Of course, when we pulled up to the pet store, it was puppy adoption day. So before we got out of the car, Ryan looked at me and said, “We are not getting a dog,” and he made me repeat it. So we walked right past the dogs and I didn’t even make eye contact.

There were lots of fish options.

The only problem was a lot of those fish require 20 and 50 gallon tanks. Um, no. We don’t have room for that. If we had room for a 50 gallon fish tank, we’d get a dog. So we asked a girl that worked there and she suggested either some guppies or a betta fish. We ended up finding a betta. Ryan already had a named picked out, so we found the one that looked most like an Ocean Billy. (It’s an Umphrey’s McGee song. He is called OB for short.)

Ryan with his son.

Here OB is in his little home! I need to get out my big camera so I can get a good picture of him. He’s really beautiful.

We might be kind of obsessed. Last night, we stared at him for about 5 minutes and one of us may have wondered if they had beauty contests for fish. (I won’t say who, but their name starts with an R.) And then today, Ryan texted me a few different times and asked me if he was doing ok and we have wondered more than a few times if he was cold by the door. Yeah, I have no idea what’s going to happen when we have a human life to take care of.


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