Last night…

Ryan watched the BCS Championship and cheered for Florida State. He even pulled out an FSU blanket that was Mikey’s and wrapped up in it.

I changed the sheets on the bed, folded some laundry and read. I’m reading Lords of Discipline. Pat Conroy can write descriptions like no one else. However, I have so many books that I want to read and so little time to read them all.

We were both thankful to have a warm apartment to be in.

I mourned the thought of one more day with Christmas decorations up. They were supposed to come down yesterday, but I had a three hour lunch with Iz, who just got back from Europe. We obviously had a lot to talk about.

We ate dinner at his parents’ house and tried to figure out moving their sofas around.

O.B. enjoyed his new fish tank Ryan bought him since his bowl broke when Ryan was cleaning it. More proof that Ryan will be a good daddy- I’ve yet to clean O.B.’s bowl. He’s done it every time.

I got my Christmas present from Chance- a Y’all t-shirt from Junk Gypsys.

I listened to yet another podcast. I’ve recently decided I’d rather listen to podcasts than music. Ryan thinks it’s bizarre.

I made these granola bars to have for breakfast. Sadly (or not), they taste more like cookies than anything else.


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