Happy (Belated) National Squirrel Day!

Some days, I have no idea what to blog about and then other days, I’m perusing Facebook and a blog post falls into my lap.

Apparently, yesterday was National Squirrel Day. So, in honor of all of our little furry friends, I did a little round-up of squirrels that are sprinkled throughout our apartment. A squirrel was our sorority mascot, which is what began my love. And then woodland creatures became popular as decor, which made them accessible.

This is Palmer, named after an alum of our chapter, MFP. She was given to me by Iz. She’s also the only one with a name.

Squirrel nutcracker- given to me by Monica at one of our wedding showers.

A little baby nightlight, also given to me by Monica for Christmas this year. I think it’s precious.

A hook from Anthro- this is one of the few I’ve bought for myself.

This guy (Cornelius Thoroughgood) hangs in our kitchen. I got him from Urban Outfitters in Salt Lake City when I drove out with Burles.

I was given this one at a Habitat for Humanity store when I was with Chance and Lala. I have no idea who Sam is. Ryan loves that he has to look at this when he pees.

Mama gave me these two at a wedding shower.

And the last two- I actually have two sets of S and P shakers. These I got from Urban Outfitters and the other set is from Iz as a housewarming gift.

Yes, it is a lot for 650 square feet, but keep in mind that Ryan has at least 20 Dave Matthews posters that will one day be adorning the walls of our home his man room/office. We both have our (adorable) quirks.


One Comment on “Happy (Belated) National Squirrel Day!”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Aww I love them!! Squirrels are so much cuter than owls, so way to have a positive take on this whole woodland popularity. I really love the personalized one above the toilet!!

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