He Makes Me Laugh

I once told my friend Jamie that I didn’t care what my husband looked like, as long as he made me laugh. Fortunately, Ryan isn’t too shabby in the looks department (although his beard is getting a little out of control), but even more than that, he makes me laugh.

He also will repeat his jokes 3 times so I can take a video and put it on Instagram. Because I am lame like that. And I still laugh every time.

He cleans more than I do and always listens to my dreams, even if he thinks I’m crazy. He’s supportive of me when I work late and last Sunday, we taught Sunday School together for the first time. During which he told me to calm down and afterwards he told me I use my hands too much when I talk. I might have gotten a little sensitive about that. (We were talking about some rough stuff and it left me kinda raw.)

I average about five books a month. He’s doing good if he reads 3 books in a year. He remembers tiny details about sporting events from 15 years ago and I don’t even remember what happened last week. He’s neat and tidy while I like a little mess. I am patient, he is not. I’m a slow-thinker and he is quick-witted. He is stubborn and I give in easily. He’s a hard worker when I tend to be on the lazy side. And I never thought I would marry a city boy.

He’s not perfect but neither am I. (Shocker.) We’ve only been married 9 months, but most days it feels longer (in a good way.) Friday will be our 4th Valentine’s Day together, but the first one we will actually see each other. His beloved Arizona Wildcats play at 9 that night, so more than likely, he will stay up and watch while I read and go to bed at halftime. And when the game is over, he will come and get in the bed and put his arms around me like he always does.

“They” say the first year is the hardest. And I have to say that I doubt that. There will be (and have been) days that I will ask if it’s worth it. But when it all comes down to it, there is no one I’d rather live this life with than him. I’m so thankful we made that trip to Starkville together.


One Comment on “He Makes Me Laugh”

  1. This is just precious! So glad we made that trip to Starkville!

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