Four Eyes

I’ve needed a new pair of glasses for a long time. It’s pretty bad when the tv is fuzzy. Plus, the two newer pairs that I have are too heavy and give me a headache. I have a tendency towards headaches and don’t need anything that will make it worse.

After going to the eye doctor, I ordered some glasses from Rivet and Sway. I have a teeny tiny head and they have options for small heads. I really wanted some larger frame, nerdy glasses, so I ordered four pairs from them to try on.

And then I made Ryan take pictures of me so I would have something to blog about.

I put the first pair on and Ryan immediately exclaimed, “UGH!” So these were a no-go. They are pretty huge on my head.

I don’t normally like how I look in rounded frames, but I did like these. Ryan said I looked like Harry Potter, which was not a bad thing, IMO.

These also were way too big on my head, plus I didn’t really want glasses with the nose pieces.

The winner was the last pair. Ryan didn’t love them at first, but after I wore them a while, he liked them better. They are different enough from my old pair and big and nerdy.

The best thing is they have a 60 day return policy, so if these end up bothering me, I can send them back!

And now I feel like I need to post a picture of people so I don’t feel so narcissistic and lame and like I don’t have friends.

Here. A bachelorette picture. Which reminds me that I should post some wedding pictures.




2 Comments on “Four Eyes”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Love the pair you chose!!! I’ve been contemplating doing the Warby & Parker thing where they send you 5 pairs to chose from…I even did the virtual try-on thing the other day (snow day, so bored, so nothing else to do)…but haven’t ordered any yet. What a fun variation on a fashion show!! :)

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      I’ve totally done the Warby Parker home try on! It was fun and kinda weird how the glasses actually moved with your face.

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