Random Updates for Your Wednesday

A few random things on Wednesday.

For the past week, I have eaten at least one meal with someone other than just Ryan every day. Wednesday- Sarah came over for dinner, Thursday- Blue Moon pizza with Annie and Harry, Friday- at Clay’s for wings with Pease and Ross, Saturday- went over to Alan and Janet’s for dinner, Sunday- dinner at Ryan’s parents, Monday- lunch with Kathleen and Tuesday- dinner with Sarah. Lots of great friend time. And I didn’t take the first picture. I’m a lousy blogger.

In TV news, Ryan and I have finally found the funny in Modern Family. For a few years, neither one of us liked it. However, a few weeks ago we flipped passed it and started loving it. Now we watch it every time we see it on TV. Also, I’m 4 episodes into the first season of Scandal and I. Am. Obsessed. It is so good. I’ve also been watching a good bit of Friends. Friends will never not be funny. Also, The Amazing Race. Gah, I love that show.

I’m currently reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. It’s great, but I’m having to adjust to her essay style of writing, rather than a continuous story. There are just so many books I want to read and not enough time to read them all.

There is a huge stack of clothes that has been sitting on the sofa since Monday. I can wash and fold clothes all day long. But to put them away is like pulling teeth. When Ryan and I were going through pre-marital counseling, one of the exercises was a “division of chores.” Basically, Ryan was doing all of the chores- cooking and cleaning and I was doing laundry, minus actually putting it away. So he was doing almost everything. I set low expectations. ;)

We’re dipping our toes in the house buying process. Houses cost a lot of money. Let’s just leave it at that.

The weather has been AH-MAZING this week. Plus, we sprang forward on Sunday and I left work last night at 7:30 and it was still light outside! Spring forward might be one of my favorite holidays. Seriously. I love the long days. They are the best. (I realize that my opinion of this may change when I have babies, but for now I don’t, so I’m soaking it in while I can.) The dark morning are going to take some adjustment, though.

Almost a month later, I still have Valentine’s decorations up. I guess if people actually walked by our door, I’d be more likely to take the wreath down. It’s just dumb because the whole thing would take less than 5 minutes. I probably could have done it instead of typing this paragraph, actually.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


One Comment on “Random Updates for Your Wednesday”

  1. I just can’t believe there is another Sarah in your life. It’s like it’s a common name or something!

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