5 Things

Doing exercises that stretch your thankfulness are always good. So I’m going to try to post five things every week of things I’m thankful for. Some big and serious, some little and not-so-serious.

1. A husband with a “good head on his shoulders.” Someone said this about Ryan to Mama this week and I would have to agree with it. Also, a husband that doesn’t mind that there’s still a pile of clothes on the sofa waiting to be folded from Monday. Or at least if he does, he hasn’t said anything to me about it.

2. Long days, long days, long days! This is not a new thing for me, as my Timehop app all week has been tweets about Daylight Savings Time. (Is that a proper noun?) There is nothing better than leaving work and still having HOURS of daylight left.

3. Netflix and Scandal. Olivia Pope is my fashion muse. I’m going to sell all of my clothes and buy all white ones. Especially that dang white trench. (Also, no spoilers please because I’m beginning season two.) But really, that show is so good and Shonda Rimes can write some shows, even though I haven’t seen Grey’s in years. But the fact that I don’t know what is going to happen is the best.

4. For a stable and secure upbringing. So few people are raised in a home with two parents that love them. (Not that you can’t be “normal” and well-adjusted if you don’t have two parents and not that people with two parents that love them can’t go off the rails. But you know what I mean.)

5. Christina Bianco. I mean, no YouTube video has brought me as much joy and happiness as she has. I walk around singing Let It Go in my head in her impressions all day. Okay. I can’t get Let It Go to insert, but her Total Eclipse of the Heart is amazing too. My favorites? Celine Dion, Christina Aguilara (sp??), Julie Andrews, and Kristin Chenowith.



One Comment on “5 Things”

  1. Erika B. says:

    YES YES YES regarding Olivia Pope and Scandal. LOVE that show!!! And her wardrobe!!! Sheesh.

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