Luck O’ The Irish

Some days are, dare I say, lucky. And some times, those days just happen to fall on St. Patrick’s Day.

First of all, I slept in until 10. I’m not sure if that’s lucky or lazy, but I don’t care.

Daddy came into town to bring Big Daddy to the doctor, so we went out for lunch. We had lunch at Marlow’s Tavern and they brought us a basket of free chips! They were super yummy.

After we got home from lunch, I grabbed the mail and received a check for $75 because my car had depreciated in value from a little accident I had gotten in in the Target parking lot! I wasn’t expecting that at all, so it was totally exciting!

I also got to pick up my new glasses yesterday! Yay! I like how they look, but I’m just waiting to make sure they don’t give me a headache.

I then headed to the mall. Monica wanted me to pick some stuff up for her at Anthropologie and I had my birthday coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I found a few tops, a jacket, and a vase that I had wanted at Christmas. Not so lucky for Ryan.

After the mall, I went to meet Ryan at work. I got to see his office for the first time. About time, since he’s worked there for almost two years now.

Then we went to downtown Roswell to meet Pease and Ross at Mac McGee’s for dinner. It was yucky and overcast outside, but was fun and awesome inside. They had an Irish menu and the food was great. We just had fun hanging out and talking. Much different from the St. Paddy’s Day of the past, though. Of course, we had to drink a Guinness. It tastes good, but I swear it’s like drinking a loaf of bread.

We were home by 9 and I still got an episode of Scandal in. Slowly, but surely I’m catching up.


2 Comments on “Luck O’ The Irish”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Loooove the new glasses!! I’m in the mood for new glasses…just hard to decide to do it because I really only wear them at night before I go to bed. Is it worth it to spend money for something only Matt and Lola ever see??

  2. Jamie says:

    I am really, really, really digging you in those frames! So cute, classic, a little sassy, and very fashionable. Just lik eyou my friend!

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