Things Learned In The Month of March

Some things I learned in March:

1. Ryan is very stubborn about this mustache thing. It’s still going strong over a month later. I’ve asked and asked and even threatened to stop shaving my legs, but he totally called my bluff on that one. Also, he’s way more stubborn than me. But I’ve known that a long time. He keeps saying he’s going to shave eventually, but I’m getting skeptical.

2. It’s a strange realization that my parents weren’t THAT much older than I am now when I was born. Yes, a few years, but a few years can fly by. However, we went to our first “real college friend’s” baby shower this past week and we all realized that we are SO not ready for babies yet. We need to keep O.B. alive for a few more months before we can be trusted with an actual human.

3. There really isn’t much better than a birthday to make you feel loved. And checking the mail around your birthday is just as good as at Christmas. There is more at Christmas, but the birthday ones sometimes have checks in them.

4. This winter is literally never going to end. It snowed in North Carolina this past week. So far, 2014 has been known as the year of the COLD.

5. The Time Hop app is the best app on my phone right now. It also makes me want to take more pictures, because the pictures from 5 and 7 years ago are so fun to go back and look at.



2 Comments on “Things Learned In The Month of March”

  1. Julie says:

    I’ve never heard of Time Hop app. I love apps with pics and videos. How fun. Glad to find another North Carolinian writer :).

  2. The Time Hop App?! Say what? That sounds like fun. Add that to my list of things I learned in March. Speaking of time hopping on by …the pictures your parents posted the other day of you as a baby and then a bride were so precious. It is a whole new world when you make that leap from bridal showers to baby showers. Thanks for sharing a great list.

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