I tried to put together a proper blog post, but Flickr has changed their format and I can’t figure out how to get pictures actually into a post.

The pollen apparently has appeared over night. I woke up this morning not being able to breathe and have blown my nose approximately 584 times this morning. Yes, blowing my nose is annoying, but it is less annoying than sniffling. Those two beautiful days of perfect weather and no pollen are like a dream now.

Jen Hatmaker once again hits it out of the park. Where I Stand I know I’ve blogged about my love of her 1000x’s over, but she just keeps getting it right (in my oh-so-humble opinion.) Seriously, she’s on my “dinner guest” list.

Somehow, I recently discovered The Painted House and now I am currently spending any downtime I have reading her archives. I adore her quirky, fun, doesn’t take it too seriously style.

I’ve made some good progress on Scandal. Ryan went to a concert in Chattanooga on Tuesday, so I had some bonding time with the DVR. I finished the second season and now I’ve got about 12 episodes left to being totally caught up. However, that makes me realize that I’m going to have to wait a week between episodes which I’m sure will be torture. Currently, Huck is my favorite. I have a thing for the tortured bad boy. See also: Chuck Bass.


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