Healthy Go-To Meals

Out of the two of us, Ryan is the healthy eater. I’m all about poppy seed chicken casserole and loaded baked potatoes and ice cream. However, if that is what I fixed every night for dinner, we’d have some issues. These are two of my healthy go-to meals when it comes to feeding us.

The first one is these feta spinach turkey burgers and roasted carrots. For years, I tried to find a turkey burger recipe that isn’t dry and this one from Eat, Live, Run succeeds! I love it and could eat it all the time.

(Not my pictures, btw. I just grabbed them from the sites. I didn’t have any pictures of these.)

I’m not the hugest fan of raw carrots, but I could eat these roasted carrots from The Frugal Girl all day every day. The only change I make is I coat them in olive oil instead of butter. However, I’m sure the butter makes them even more delicious.

One of our other favorite recipes is from Budget Bytes. I have made A LOT of her recipes and they have all turned out great! (Well, except for the kale and sausage cassoulet. But I think either I didn’t do it right or I just wasn’t a fan in general. I don’t think anything was wrong with the recipe.) But this recipe for her Oven Roasted Autumn Medley is a winner all the way. Normally I’m not a sweet potato fan, but I love them roasted like this and I usually buy turkey sausage to make it just a touch healthier. Just all around delicious.




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