Monday, Monday

There are times that I look down and see my engagement and wedding ring and think, “Surely I’m not old enough or mature enough to be able to be MARRIED.” But, bizarrely enough, I am. Less than a month until our 1 year anniversary. Time flies when you’re having fun.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Australia for the next three weeks. I’m so excited for daily updates and multiple wardrobe changes a day. The Queen has ordered some changes to Kate’s wardrobe, which I’m worried means lots of below the knee dresses given her love of the short skirt. Personally, I prefer dresses above the knee, because I think they look more youthful. BUT, she has also told her she needs to wear some flashier jewelry, which I am 1000% for. You’re the future Queen of England. You have it at your disposal. WEAR IT! I love that she wears Zara and Topshop everyday and to less formal events, but when it’s black tie, bring on the bling! No black tie events this trip, but I do think we will see some more impressive jewels.

And gosh, the cheeks on that baby are adorable. Such a sweet little family.

Finally, it is RAINING today!! Allergy sufferers of Atlanta are rejoicing, myself included. Now it’s too bad I have to run a few errands today because it’s the perfect day for sitting on the sofa in my pjs and binge-watching Scandal.


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