An Apartment Tour

A few weeks ago I realized I had never done a full apartment tour, so I snapped a few pics and thought I’d share them. This is our apartment in its “natural state.” It’s on the messier side of clean in these pictures but real life is always more interesting than perfection. No one is going to pin these on Pinterest, but hopefully our kids will look back and see this tiny little apartment we shared for the first year of our marriage.

This is our entry way. We left all of the Christmas cards we got up. I love looking at them and seeing our friends and family looking back at us. There’s a tiny closet that has coats and other random stuff stuffed in it.

I received this Georgia painting for my high school graduation and it has hung in the entry of every place I’ve lived since then, minus my parents’ house. The squirrel is one of my favorites. I learned from my mom to keep my keys hanging by the door and you’ll always know where to find them. However, I should have left room for another hook for Ryan. Oh, well. We share.

Our Georgia gallery wall. A plate we got as a wedding gift from Ryan’s old boss, a picture of Knowshon and Brandon Boykin, a print of the Arch, a poster I got for Christmas several years ago from the 80s with lots of cool people in it- The Beatles, Statue of Liberty, all the sororities and fraternities, etc, a drawing from Kylie to Ryan by the guy that doesn’t have hands downtown and draws with his mouth, a small print of lyrics from “Georgia”I got from Chance for Christmas one year and the sheet music for the fight song from Aunt Suzan for my 21st birthday.

Our kitchen. It is definitely a “one butt” kitchen. I will be so thankful when we can have all of our appliances in easy reach!

I will also be thankful when I don’t have to keep cookie sheets and skillets in the oven and I can just turn it on without hauling stuff out of it first.

Another squirrel picture and a blue and white platter. My love of blue and white is at an all time high.

I love having this bulletin board above the sink. We have pictures of our Compassion kids and different Bible verses. I love looking at them while I’m washing the dishes. Maybe it gives me a better attitude about it? I also have our calender and meal plan up on the fridge. It makes it easy to access and know what we have going on. Also, if you squint really closely, you can see the Dawn dispenser I bought. Let me just tell you. Being able to pump the soap out instead of having to turn the bottle upside down is such a life saver. Not really, but you know what I’m saying. Also, so much prettier than the Dawn bottle.

Our fridge is covered in save the dates, wedding invites, baby announcements and a picture of some of my cousins. But only on the freezer portion because the magnets don’t stick very well and they slide down.

Our living room. The sofa is one Mam bought at the Habitat for Humanity store and I gave her a hard time about it, but it is so comfortable that Chance and I are now fighting over it. The Lay-Z-Boy was bought by my parents when I was a baby and Ryan has now taken it over.

The dining table is from Ikea and we never sit at it because it’s usually covered with stuff. I painted the base and bought stain for the top, but I haven’t gotten around to actually staining it. Dave Matthews posters because I am a good wife and let Ryan keep them in the living room. (But they will be sent to the office or basement when we have a house.) The prints over the sofa are a Picasso that I bought freshman year of college and still love and the circle hung in the half-bath of my parents house for years until Mama changed things up and I stole it. The coffee table is from Mimi and Papa’s and it’s too tall to really be a coffee table.

Oh, man. Things look so much more chaotic in pictures than in real life. This is Ryan’s “pitiful” March Madness set-up. The red buffet I had painted and the bookcase is from Mimi and Papa’s. When the guys moved it into the apartment, they were super careful with it because they thought Papa had made it. He was more function than form, however.

Hopefully, this picture can give you an idea of the layout of the apartment as a whole. This is the view if you are sitting on the sofa. Kitchen to the right, bathroom and the bedroom is on the opposite side of the wall with the bookshelf and buffet.

Another picture to give you an idea of the layout.

The bedroom is pretty dang tiny, but it works for us. And yes, we sleep in a double bed. It’s funny because at my parents’ house we sleep in a queen and Ryan seems so far away! The sconces have been awesome because they don’t take up any room on our tiny nightstands. Plus, I love that they add some color and interest.

I love having all of these windows in our room. It helps me wake up in the morning. And I need all the help I can get in that department. The date art is from Ryan’s brother Michael and his wife Christie for our wedding. I love it.

I’m very hesitant to add this picture. But, this is real life. This is our closet. And yes, it is kind of a mess, but it works for us. Obviously, it could be bigger, but I guess we could both get rid of a ton of clothes and other stuff. But neither of us really have that much stuff.

Tiny, but efficient bathroom. Our dream bathroom will have two sinks, but it works because we don’t ever really get ready at the same time except for Sundays.

These are the lyrics to one of our favorite songs, written by the singer/songwriter. Yes, it’s kinda weird to have the lyrics of a song call “My Favorite Place” in the bathroom. Ryan gave me this for Christmas a few years ago.

Shower curtain from college. I still love it, but it doesn’t really work any more. I wonder if I can pick out the monogram and have it re-done.

It feels a little weird to end this on the bathroom. But, that is the end. This is the most picture-filled post I’ve had in a long time. But hopefully this gave you a good idea of our first little home. It’s ours and I love it.





3 Comments on “An Apartment Tour”

  1. Frances Davis says:

    Sloan, great. Thanks for showing me you apartment. Is this the one that you moved in after you got married. Tell Ryan hello. Thanks for sharing. Miss seeing you. Love you. Frances Davis

  2. Raquel Keoroglanian says:

    Dear, Sloan very proud of you and Ryan many years from now you will look back at this tiny apartment ,and think all the great moments….love you and wish for both of you all the happiness to came……mama r.

  3. Erika B. says:

    Love it!! Funny, I feel the same way about our bed. We have a queen at home, but if we go to a hotel or something and there’s a king, I feel like Matt is miiiiiles away (and I kind of hate it!). We end up huddled towards the middle of the bed and waste all the space on the outside. So that’s how I know it would be pointless for us to waste money ‘upgrading’ to a king. Also, I just think king sized beds look really awkward. They’re square. Weird.

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