Thankful Friday: Good Friday Edition

Thankful Friday doesn’t quite have the same ring as Thankful Thursday. But I’m going with it. Only a month after I did the first one, here I am again.

1. Today is Good Friday. So it only makes sense that I would begin my thankful post with being thankful for Jesus and his love, compassion, and sacrifice for us all. One of my favorite quotes is from Barbara Johnson, “We are an Easter people living in a Good Friday world.” Amen and Amen.

2. Friends that have known me for a long time. Ryan and I have made a lot of new friends lately through our Sunday School class. We have both really enjoyed it and have loved getting to know everyone. But we had dinner with Cris and Marc last night, both of whom I have known since middle school, and there is something so nice about people that already know your history. And I know that takes time and those friendships will develop. But those people that knew and loved me through those awkward middle school years are extra precious.

3. My mom’s extended family. She has a HUGE family and one of her cousins passed away from cancer a few years ago this week. So there has been a lot of nostalgia going on over on Facebook. It has brought up a lot of good memories and reminded me of old stories and I’ve heard a few new ones. I love being a part of this family that loves to be with each other.

4. This one is a struggle, but I am thankful for pollen. Yes, it makes my nose runny, but it is also the reason everything is so green and beautiful around here, so I’ll take that trade-off.

5. My parents- I randomly got to see them on Monday and I am so thankful for how selfless and giving they are to me and to everyone around us. Plus, I got to eat stew and that is one of my favorite meals EVER.


One Comment on “Thankful Friday: Good Friday Edition”

  1. Jamie says:

    Love that we both wrote posts about practicing thankfulness. I am grateful for you!

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