The Story of Our House

So I’m going to back up about 6 weeks here.

Ryan and I decided to begin the house hunting process in the beginning of March. We weren’t in a hurry, but our lease for the apartment was up in August, so we needed to find something before then. We contacted a realtor that Tori recommended to us and picked a Sunday to go look at 6 or 7 houses. Before we left, Ryan had a “very serious talk” about how we were ONLY looking at these houses. We weren’t going to buy anything today- the goal was to show Blaine what we wanted in a house so he could weed out things as they came on the market. So we went out and looked at houses all day. There were some that were better than others, that is for sure. I was dying for a fixer-upper, but Ryan was not.

Fast forward to the last house of the day. It was cute and what we were looking for- 3 beds, 2 baths, flat yard, not too big, space to park two cars, laundry on the main floor, a designated dining room, and not much of a fixer-upper (I have pretty specific tastes, so pretty much anything we bought was going to need tweaking). However, it was definitely out of our price range and hadn’t been on the market for more than a month. We looked at it for about 30 minutes and Ryan declared he wanted that house.

Um, excuse me. I was given this long speech about how we were NOT buying anything we were looking at that day, to not get my hopes up or my heart set on anything. And here he is, mentally purchasing this house. It didn’t matter, though, because it was out of our budget. So we headed home, feeling okay about everything, but slightly disappointed. It was the first day we really looked and we knew we would find something.

That Friday, Ryan got an email saying that the house price had dropped. Right above our price range. Well, that changed the game. They were wanting to sell. So we talked to Blaine about an offer and we submitted it on Monday. They countered, we said no and they said give us your best. So we did and crossed our fingers. And on Wednesday, we got the news that they had accepted our offer!

We were a little bit freaked out. (Still are, truth be told.)

The inspection was a few days later and all went well, besides a few minor things. It was a nerve-wracking and hectic few weeks, getting everything in order. But it all came together at the last minute. (Here’s a tip- don’t try to buy a house around April 15.)

The day we walked through for the final inspection.

We closed last Tuesday (April 22- a year after we got our marriage license. Thanks, TimeHop app!) and moved in on Sunday and Monday, after the busiest weekend ever.

Anyway, that is the story of how we got our house. It happened MUCH faster than we thought it would. We’ve spent this week cleaning the apartment, praying to get a little bit of our deposit back, and weeding through boxes, trying to find stuff. We have a pretty good amount of furniture we need to buy and every single wall (and ceiling) needs to be painted, but it will get done. We plan on being here for quite a while.



One Comment on “The Story of Our House”

  1. Tori says:

    Woo hoo!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

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