Watching Documentaries

Ryan and I don’t really share the same taste in movies. Now, he does love  good 90’s chick flick (My Best Friend’s Wedding being quoted often around here), but that’s about the extent of it. However, we did discover several months ago that we both love a documentary and Ryan has recently found the Smithsonian channel. If it’s not sports or HGTV, that’s what has been on. (Although between baseball and the NBA Finals lately, it’s mostly been sports.)

Last night, The Day Kennedy Died was on the Smithsonian channel. It was insanely fascinating. I knew what happened, but didn’t know the details. They had interviews with SO many people- Jackie Kennedy’s secret service agent, a woman who was friends with Lee Harvey Oswold and was actually with his wife when Kennedy was shot, a nurse that worked at the hospital and was in the trauma room they brought him to, the homicide investigator that was Oswold was shackled to when he was shot, the man that took Oswold to work that day, reporters, people at the parade, I could go on and on. They also had audio from Lady Bird Johnson’s diary from the day. It was really amazing the number of people they had on.

I kept telling Ryan, “I would never sleep again if you were shot while I was sitting next to you.” Jackie Kennedy’s secret service agent was in the car behind them and he was trying to get to the car when the President was shot the second time (which was the fatal shot.) He said he will always feel guilty that he wasn’t there to protect him from the second shot and will wonder what could have happened. I just can’t imagine. The documentary closed with Mrs. Kennedy’s SS agent saying he will always consider that the day innocence died. And Ryan and I both agreed with him.

Now I want to ask everyone I know that was alive then where they were when Kennedy was shot.

We also talked a lot about how far forensics have come and now they would be able to pinpoint exactly what direction he was shot from. Someone on the documentary said that the shots were too close together for them to have come from the same gun. So fascinating, especially because we will never really know.

Jamie recently read 11/22/63 by Stephen King, which is all about that day. I’ve been thinking about starting a Stephen King and this may be my first one. I just need to find some time to devote to it, as it’s almost 900 pages.


I had dinner with Sarah on Wednesday and she recommended Ken Burns’ documentaries to me. We also enjoyed 30 Day on Netflix from the guy that did Super Size Me. (I don’t think they’re on Netflix anymore, though.) Any other docs you’d recommend? I really want to find 20 Feet from Stardom, which won Best Documentary at the Oscars. It’s all about back-up singers. What a fun life!

(I think I can officially say that we have become old and boring. But truthfully, real life is so fascinating!)


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