Two Weddings and A Puppy (Not Ours)

The other week, my cousin decided to get hitched! (Okay, she decided to get married a year ago, but they finally tied the knot a few weeks ago.) They got married in Jacksonville, which was a great excuse for us to go to the beach! Ryan and I headed down Friday after work and we all got up bright and early to go hang out.

We spent most of the afternoon at the pool and then had to rush to get ready. Oops.

I didn’t take a single picture of the bride or groom. I’m terrible. But the ceremony was at my grandparents’ beach house on the patio. It was a perfect day out. Uncle Andy drew this beautiful shell where the ceremony was. I should have gotten a closer picture of her flowers. They were beautiful and had shells and starfish in them.

Ryan and I did sneak down to the beach for just a second.

Afterwards, we all had a delicious dinner and then headed home.

This past weekend was the real party, though. We headed to my hometown to dance the night away. My feet were killing me by the end of the night and I was wearing flats!

(Sidenote: Daddy had his gopro there, taking video and I got to see what a terrible dancer I really am! Oh, man. I was horrified! But it’s not going to stop me!)

Lala and Big Daddy were the first ones on the dance floor! They love to dance.

Of course, we do love a photo booth! Lala wouldn’t hold the “I’m His” sign, but she made Big Daddy hold the “I’m Hers.” It made me laugh.

The weekend ended with us cuddling this sweet puppy. Chance and Kara got a new dog and oh, it is just the most precious thing ever!

Otter and Ryan took a nap holding hands. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen. That’s a boy that needs a dog, right there.

And now, it back to real life. With no puppy. But soon. Maybe. I hope.


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