Wardrobe Update

Before leaving for Chicago, I ran to the mall and did a little shopping. I don’t shop much for myself anymore and really wanted a few new pieces to freshen up my wardrobe. I’ve been slowly getting rid of stuff (thoughts to come on this) and that includes a few things in my closet that I just don’t wear all that often or haven’t in a while. So I also wanted to be mindful of buying pieces that will last me a while and that I will get a good bit of wear out of.

I’ve been eyeing these leopard sandals for a while now and just couldn’t get them out of my mind. My normal shoes are Target, so these were somewhat of a splurge, but I love them and think I’ll be able to get a lot of use out of them.

While I was already at the mall, I decided to pop into Anthro for a run-through. I found these pants in the sale section because they had an ink stain on them, but I couldn’t find anything. I tried them on and oh my word they are so comfortable! I’ve been wearing Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans for colored pants for a while, but they just aren’t that comfortable or flattering. These are both and I am already wanting to go pick up some more. They come in lots of different colors.

I also grabbed this fun top. I wasn’t blown away by most of the tops this Anthro had (it’s not my usual one and their selection is smaller), but I thought this was a good take on a classic t-shirt and just a little more special. Although it is a bit swingier than it looks in the picture. I was surprised that I was drawn to the yellow and gray again. This used to be my thing- at one point I think I had 4 yellow and gray striped shirts. But I liked it, so I grabbed it and like the pants, I wish I had it it multiple colors.



6 Comments on “Wardrobe Update”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Love that yellow and gray tee!!

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      It is so soft and it’s on sale now! I’m thinking about going back and getting another one…

  2. Hey, nice post! I’m Cameron and I’m very interested in fashion and style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

  3. Jamie says:

    I love those shoes too! I think I saw them on your Pinterest and I agree… a definite sandal you can wear with most anything. Leopard is a neutral, after all. :)

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