Weekend Update: Top Golf and Cali Edition

We had one of those perfect weekends with just the right mix of relaxing and busyness. We dogsat Cali, Ryan’s parent’s dog, so on Friday night, we took her for a good long walk and just hung out around the house.

Saturday, I worked while Ryan did some yard work and watched the World Cup. He’s been watching pretty much the whole thing and I have zero interest in it, so I’ve had lots of good reading time. That night, we went to Top Golf with Pease, Ross, Claire, and Jonathan. It’s really cool and fun, although it’s not cheap at all. Definitely not an every week thing, but fun every once in a while. Basically, the premise is you’re trying to hit golf balls into targets, which is a lot more fun that just playing golf. It was also insanely busy. They are raking in the $$$ and apparently already have plans to build 3 more around Atlanta.

Sunday morning, I ended up sleeping in a little bit and we decided to skip church and just go to Sunday School. If we don’t make it to the 8:45 service, we just probably aren’t going to church. After Sunday School, we had brunch with Sarah and Jim and when we were finishing up, Matt Stafford and Kris Durham and a few other people walked in the door! It was random and kinda funny. Ryan saw him first and thought, I know that guy from somewhere and then he realized where. It was also funny because we were kind of used to seeing him out in Athens, so it wasn’t THAT weird to see him. He was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt, but he has 100s of millions of dollars. I wonder what he was driving….

Anyway, after brunch we came home and I pulled some weeds in the back, so Cali could run around and play. Pete and Monica came and picked her up and then Ryan watched the World Cup while I read. Sarah came over and borrowed our ice cream maker for the weekend and we talked some more. I love those friends that you just don’t run out of things to talk about.

Ryan and I ended our evening with wings and we came home and watched an episode of Halt and Catch Fire, which I’m not totally on the bandwagon of and the Bachelorette. Josh Murray is safe for another round, so we will keep watching. However, if I were not watching for him and was just a random observer, there is no way in heck I would spend two hours watching that show. If people can wrap up the entire storyline of a movie in 2 hours, surely you can wrap up a week of a dating show in that amount of time.

Okay, rant over. It was a wonderful weekend and now it’s back to real life, complete with laundry, the grocery store, and a run to Ikea. Life is good.



One Comment on “Weekend Update: Top Golf and Cali Edition”

  1. And we still had stuff to talk about this morning!

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