Exteriors Before

Our front yard looks a tad… neglected. And the truth is, I think it was. Ryan cuts the grass regularly, but we moved in during a time that we have to wait to make any big changes. For both the season to change and our bank account to change. As in go up. Obviously.

However, the other night, I did go out and cut the ivy at the base of the dogwoods. I’m hoping that will kill it and we can just pull it down. My poor, beautiful dogwoods.

I’m also dying to cut back these huge bushes in front of the house and add a defined border. And put in new stuff, but for now, I just want to cut them back so they don’t cover half the house. It will feel a lot more open when they are gone. However, I think I have to wait until at least fall to cut them back, otherwise they will get diseases. Although I don’t want them out there anyway, so that might be ok if they just die. I also want to get rid of that big holly bush at the corner of the house.

As for this little bed, I have no idea what I want to do there. I’m not so crazy about those dwarf boxwoods, because I’d rather it be more open. And the half-dead liriope is also gross, but I have to wait to cut that back also. I do know that I want to put pavers or bricks on the walkway. Peat gravel is impossible to walk on with heels. Plus, it looks a little messy.

The one thing we did do that makes me ecstatic is we got an American flag hung. Let me just tell you. I have dreamed of this day for practically my whole life. And it finally came true.

Just in time for the 4th.

Okay gardeners. I need some advise. What should we do to make it look better? Truthfully, I almost care more about what the outside of the house looks like than the inside. A lot more people see the outside, after all.


One Comment on “Exteriors Before”

  1. Monica Malires says:

    Pete and I took pictures of areas we wanted to change and went to Pike’s, Home Depot, and a nursery near the house. They suggested what we should plant and we did it little by little, it was a fun project:)

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