Weekend Recap

Weekends are good. Time to relax, hang out, see friends, we love them. Ryan and I had a great one.

Friday night, Jay and Rebecca came over for dinner and we grilled out and watched the Braves game. They have a boxer pup too, and we can’t wait to get Lady and Jolene together to play.

On Saturday after I got off work, Ryan and I started P90X-3. Oh, geez. It’s tough. But it’s only 30 minutes so we’re doing it. My abs are so sore, I’m having a hard time rolling over in bed.

Sunday morning, we taught Sunday School and had brunch since we finished our book. We did Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller and we all really liked it and could relate to it. After church and Sunday School, we came home to do P90X and play with our Leeney-girl before heading to the Braves game. Our Sunday School class went and we tailgated with them for a little bit before the game. Ryan got awesome seats from work so we got to sit in the club level.

The food was amazing- they had Asian, fajitas, pasta, the works. Ryan and I had hotdogs, because that’s what you have to eat at a baseball game. It was so nice to sit in the AC while we ate, though.

It was the perfect day to see the Braves because Bobby Cox, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine were all inducted in to the Baseball Hall of Fame. They played a great game and ended up winning!

We came home and I did some things around the house while these two snuggled. Oh, my heart.


One Comment on “Weekend Recap”

  1. Monica Malires says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, sorry we didn’t get to see you Saturday when we all came over. At least we got to meet Jolene!

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