House Updates- Slow and Steady

A few weeks ago, Ryan braved Ikea to pick up some furniture for the house. The biggest thing was the bookcase/entertainment center for the living room. We went back and forth between the Billy set and the Hemnes set but ultimately went with the Hemnes because it’s a little nicer looking, even though it was more expensive.

You can somewhat see in this before picture to the left of the TV was the security alarm. I knew I wanted to do these bookshelves and the alarm was almost in the middle of the wall, so I had them move it to the other side of the closet door.

We just had the TV sitting on the coffee table from our apartment. You can also see the huge hole left from where the alarm was. Once the room gets painted, it will be patched, but you already can’t see it with the bookcases in front of it. I didn’t take any pictures of the building process. I generally like putting together Ikea furniture- it’s like a puzzle. There was one tiny mess-up that I made though, when I put one piece in the wrong spot and it made everything wrong. So my sweet husband took it apart and re-did it. However, I got it right on the second bookshelf. ;)

So far, we love them. There is one more piece that will go across the top to bridge the two bookcases, but we are waiting on the room to be painted before we do that.

It still needs more “styling,” but we love it so far. I also want to do some art above the whole thing and a few other funky pieces, but it’s definitely getting there.

We also picked up this buffet to go in the kitchen. It’s got some extra storage, but mostly it fills in this space. The people before us had a little breakfast table in there, but the dining room is literally two steps away, so it seemed a little silly to me to have two dining tables so close to each other, especially because our dining room is really casual.

This fills in the space perfectly. I do want to adjust the shelf to make it a little easier to put the toaster down there. (It’s just kind of wedged in there right now and two of the legs are falling through, making it crooked.) And I had to have that little tail in there. So stinkin cute. I also took down that valence the day we moved in. It’s silly. It blocked half the window and looks so much more open now.

We are slowly, but surely making some changes around here. It’s feeling like home.

Of course, having this smiling face greet us when we walk in the door makes it that much more. She’s the best.



3 Comments on “House Updates- Slow and Steady”

  1. Jamie says:

    It is looking so, so good! You should be proud of all that you have accomplished.

  2. Mom says:

    I think Jolene will be a spoiled dog!

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