Monday, Monday

It’s a pretty widely-known fact (superstition?) that bad things come in 3s. And Monday, we had all 3 knocked out by 10:30. Yes, A.M.

It all started when Ryan woke up and decided to take a shower. And we had no hot water. At all. We knew from the inspection that the water heater was old and would need to be replaced in the next “year or two.” I guess that timeline got bumped up quite a bit. So Ryan tinkered around with it and started draining it into a pipe outside of the basement to keep it from leaking all over the place. He told me to check it every once in a while to see if it was still draining.

Then he got in his car to go to work and his car wouldn’t crank. Lovely. We figured it was a dead battery, but he was already running behind, so I told him just to take my car and we’d figure it out later.

The oven guy showed up shortly after that to fix our oven! Yay! We’ve been without one for several months now and after figuring out that the flipping part never got ordered, we were back in business. It took the guy all of 15 minutes to replace the part and we were good to go! I am so ready to bake all the things!

A few hours later, I took Jolene out and went down to check the basement. And there was about a half-inch of water covering the basement floor. Apparently, the water heater was draining too fast for the pipe and it leaked back into the basement. So of course, I groaned a lot and turned off the water heater faucet and used every single towel we own (that I had just washed Sunday, btw) to sop it up.

Fortunately, my cousin Alan lives super close by and works from home on Mondays. He was able to run by and bring me his shop-vac and help me wring all of the towels out. He also confirmed that Ryan needed a new car battery. I was so thankful to have family close by in that moment.

The guy that came to look at the water heater confirmed that we would need a new one. Fortunately, the new heater and labor would be covered by our home insurance. Unfortunately, to bring it up to code would not be. Alan said yesterday that when you are renting, things cost 100s of dollars, but when you own, things cost 1000s of dollars. Pretty much. There goes my new gameday outfit for Clemson.

While all of this was going on, however, this post from Momastery kept flashing through my head. So while yes, Monday stunk, I just kept thinking, at least we have a car to replace the battery for, we have access to hot water very easily while others don’t even have water at all, we have savings to cover these repairs.

After all of this went down, I found a minute to hang up a wedding picture that I had printed. It’s one of my favorites from the wedding. Yes, it’s beautiful, but it’s also so symbolic of life. Ryan and I are going together, arms around each other, both helping the other in some way, being shielded from the “rain” of life. Cheesy, maybe. But true.

Life is good. Not all of it, but most.


3 Comments on “Monday, Monday”

  1. Oh my word! Not good. And we should borrow dresses for Clemson- new to each of us but free. And so sweet, I love love that picture.

  2. Love looove that wedding picture!!! and I hope all the things get fixed up soon!!

  3. Jamie says:

    Wow! A hectic Monday for sure. But yes, thank you for reminding us all and gaining perspective.
    And that picture is not cheesy. It’s really beautiful and, as you said, symbolic for doing life together.

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