Yard Work

A few weeks ago, I got tired of our yard looking like this:

So I went outside with the loppers and went to town on the bushes.

Actually, I did the first two and Ryan did the rest. I was going slow and neat and Ryan just went nuts and got it done.

I mean, it’s not new landscaping, but it’s better.

We also worked on getting rid of the ivy on our dogwoods. The ivy in our yard is insane and if it kills those dogwoods, I’ll cry. So Ryan cut it off at the base to try and kill it and it worked!

So it finally died and I pulled off what I could reach. I couldn’t reach the top, but I got most of it. Hallelujah! Our friend Jay is an arborist and he said it will probably take about a year for us to be able to tell, but I’ll take it, if it saves my tree. It looks sooo much skinnier now!

Also, I need to mention this. My Dawgs lost to OBC this weekend. It was terrible and we played terribly and it just sucked. Marshall Morgan missed a FG that would have tied the game, and I saw some idiots blaming him on twitter. However, we had some bad calls and I can’t even count how many times S. Carolina just dumped a pass over the middle, the guy was wide open and got 15-20 yards, plus lots of other things. It was pitiful and heartbreaking. But, it’s a new week and we have a new opponent on Saturday.

AND the Miss America pageant was on TV last night and Ryan was the best and watched with me. By far, the best talent was Miss Ohio with a ventriloquist doll singing Supercalifragilisticexpealidosous and she was robbed. As Ryan said, at least her talent was unique. Miss New York won singing Happy and doing the cups thing. Which was fine, but just surprising that she won. Oh, well.




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