Favorite Wedding Pictures, Part 1

The time has come. I am FINALLY sharing wedding pictures. Only a year and a half later. It’s going to be hard not to share every single one that we have, but I will try. I’m going to break this up into multiple posts because there’s just no way to put all of them in one. But I’m going to start with my favorites. I love all of these so much. They capture the joy we felt that night. I wish we could do it every year.

(They’re also totally out of order. But I don’t feel like putting them in any order. I’ve waited long enough.)

(I have no idea why I thought I could get all of my favorite pictures into one post, but here are the first 20, anyway.)



One Comment on “Favorite Wedding Pictures, Part 1”

  1. Jamie says:

    Oh, I love reliving the day in images! Just beautiful. Love you!

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