• Waiting on my hot tea to cool off so I can take a sip. I swear it’s what gets me out of bed sometimes.
  • Reading The Language of Flowers. It started to get really good while I was reading last night, so I stayed up a little later than I should have reading. Up next for me is Gone Girl, then The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.
  • Exhausted from staying up too late reading The Language of Flowers.
  • Needing to do a load of laundry so Ryan’s gameday shirt will be clean for Saturday.
  • Thankful that this is a low-key week after last week. Last week was super busy between work and seeing lots of friends. Good stuff, but my introverted side is relieved this week. I spent all day Monday at home, in my pjs, catching up on TV, reading, and doing a few loads of laundry. It was exactly what I needed.

  • Praying for some friends and family that have big stuff coming up the next few weeks.
  • Looking at Jolene, who is staring at me, willing me to take her on a walk. Love that girl. She went to daycare yesterday and was so tired last night she could barely pick her head up.
  • Wishing our yard wasn’t aerated and seeded and muddy so she could go run around and play like she usually does.
  • Searching for fabric for roman shades for our living room. The windows are bare right now and everyone that walks by can see what’s going on.
  • Dreading the time change in a few weeks. I’m okay with the cold weather and love fall/winter food, but these shorter days put me in a serious funk.
  • Excited about my purchases from the weekend. Rebecca and I went to a few flea markets Sunday afternoon and I bought some doodads for the house. I’m trying VERY hard not to junk it up, but I do like having pretty things around. I’m very happy with my purchases though.

  • Cooking! It has been a very long time since I’ve actually cooked dinner, and this week I’ve done it 3 nights in a row! Monday night was turkey meatballs and sauteed squash and zucchini and some Trader Joes’s vegetable stirfry, Tuesday night was BBQ Sloppy Joes and sauteed spinach, and last night I made myself pad thai because Ryan went to his grandmother’s and trivia. All good, easy, and relatively healthy- the triple threat of cooking.
  • Watching Nashville, Scandal, The Mindy Project, and 19 Kids and Counting (yes, I watch the Duggars and only feel a little shame), and Real Housewives of New Jersey. Also very excited The Amazing Race is coming back soon and Manzo’d with Children is starting.
  • Thinking about this article and wondering how we can incorporate something similar into our lives. I love the idea of gathering people around our table every week, even though we don’t have kids and aren’t starved for community.

2 Comments on “Currently…”

  1. Erika B. says:

    I’ve never heard of The Language of Flowers, but between the title and the cover art…I’m going to need to check it out. And for the QUADRUPLE (good, easy, relatively healthy, and CHEAP) threat in dinner cooking…I’m hooked on Budget Bytes (dot com). I’ve made like 10 recipes and every single one is my favorite food ever.

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      You would LOVE The Language of Flowers! So good, but a tiny bit depressing. And the flowers thing is fascinating! And I loooove Budget Bytes! I wondered if your Taco Chicken Bowls from the other night were from there!

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