Playing Catch Up

We have had a busy few weeks around here. It’s either feast or famine- we have 100 things to do during the week or have a perfectly lazy week. This past week, Ryan and I were like ships passing in the night. The week before, we had absolutely nothing on our plates and I cooked dinner almost every night and we laid on the sofa and were caught up on our tv.

Anyway, several weeks ago, Ryan’s dad and Lily came down from Virginia to visit and go to the Georgia/Troy game.

Lily and Jolene hit it off. Jolene loves everyone.

The Georgia game was good. We shut out Troy, who, granted, isn’t that great. But a win’s a win.

Early Sunday, Bob and Lily left and then Ryan and I played hooky from church and were lazy and caught up on TV (this seems to be a theme) before I went to meet sweet baby Reese! She was so precious and we loved getting to hold a baby.

THEN, after meeting Reese, Ryan and I headed downtown to see Garth Brooks! He was just as good as he was the first time we saw him in Nashville. We had great seats and he just puts on the best show and was so sweet when he said he loved the state of Georgia because we gave him his best friend. Awwwww!

On September 23, we celebrated Jolene’s first birthday… by wishing her happy birthday. I totally forgot and she is spoiled enough already. We love this puppy and she’s the best.

Last weekend, we went to Mama and Daddy’s. Jolene loves her Grandpa and he loves her.

The day was PERFECT for a game, although it was a tad cool in the shade. We played Vandy and won, so we’ll take it.

On Sunday, we headed back to Athens for Kacina’s baby shower. Such a sweet day and great to see Kacina and Jamie and Miss Debbie. We can’t wait to meet baby Reagan! And bonus, I got to ride home with Sarah so we had lots of uninterrupted talking time.

On Tuesday, my Rachel had surgery so I went to the hospital to see her on Wednesday. She looked great and got to go home on Friday!

Friday night, Ryan and I took Jolene to Lucky’s, a local restaurant that is dog friendly. We eat in a LOT, so it’s always nice to go to a restaurant and have someone bring me food and clean it up. (Although, Ryan does do most of the cooking and cleaning around here, if I’m being totally honest.) We also talked a LOT about Todd Gurley. While I’m terribly sad that this happened, he did break the rules, bogus as they may be. It’s also BS that Gurley is suspended for this while other players have played every game, despite rape investigations. However, I’m pretty sure if someone on Georgia’s team was accused of rape, they would no longer be on the team. So there’s that. But as Ryan said, I’d rather have a player that was suspended for being paid for his signature than someone accused of rape.

ANYWAY, Saturday, the Dawgs routed Mizzou without Gurley and we have never been so thankful for a win. And I’m equally impressed that his teammates are supporting him through all of this. It just speaks of what a good guy he really is. Afterwards, we headed up to Pease and Ross’s and watched everyone we wanted to lose, lose. So it was a great day for Georgia football all around.

Sunday, we had John, Jillian, and Caillin over for dinner. We brain-stormed about the house some and Jolene snuggled with Jillian on the sofa.

And now, here we are.






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