Fall 2014 TV

We don’t really watch a ton of TV. And by that I mean we don’t have a ton of TV shows that we sit down and watch every week. However, our TV is almost always on between ESPN (Ryan) and Friends reruns (me.) But we do always tune in for these.

We don’t have many shows in common, but we do both love Nashville. I got him hooked and I think now Ryan likes it more than I do. It is definitely some soap opera type drama sometimes, but we just love it. I’m particularly obsessed whenever those two little girls sing. They’re just the best.

I am all about some Scandal. I knew last season that I wanted to start watching it, so I recorded it and finally got caught up on Netflix during basketball season/March Madness. Yes, I do love basketball, but I love Olivia Pope and her white coats even more. And now she has a fashion line at the Limited? Dying. Also, #teamhuck all the way.

I took a break from Bravo for a while, but now I am back whole-hog. I am loving the Real Housewives of New Jersey. So far, drama hasn’t been too bad this season, although I do not like Amber at all. I don’t know if she will redeem herself or not, but I’m at the point where I fast-forward through her scenes. I just don’t care. However, Sunday is the season finale already!

OMG. Jersey Belle. Granted, it’s over with and I’m not sure they’re going to renew for a second season or not but I loved it. I’m not really a fan of the name, but seriously, this cast is my favorite on TV. The show is about Jaime, who grew up and lived in Jersey her whole life and fell in love with and married a good ole Alabama boy and moved to Birmingham. Everyone on the show is sweet and fun and I love seeing all of the differences between her two groups of friends. I’m a fan of these shows with less drama. Take note, Andy Cohen.

Oh, Glee. I’m so over it, but at this point, I’ve watched from the beginning so I feel like I should see it through. There’s only one more short season (13 episodes) and that chapter of my life will be closed forever. It’s been through a lot of trying to figure out what the show is and who it’s about. Frankly, they probably should have stuck with the original cast just being in high school for 6 years and been done with it.

Yes, I am a sucker for 19 Kids. And he might not like me saying it, but I’ve got Ryan hooked too. (I think he’s just watching because he wants one of the kids to end up wild.) We totally disagree with them on MANY fronts, but I do like seeing a nice family with no drama whose kids are well behaved and going to be good members of society. Call me old fashioned.

Oh, Mindy Kaling. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Seriously though, The Mindy Project one of my favorite shows on TV. She is flipping hilarious and bonus, the show is only 30 minutes. If you don’t love her, I’m not sure we can be friends. I actually laugh out loud every episode.

The Big Bang Theory is one of those that I’m pretty sure has jumped the shark, but we watch anyway. It still makes me laugh, which is basically my #1 requirement.

And finally, Girl Meets World. Yes, we tune in every week to watch a show on the Disney Channel. And it just might be our favorite. It is pretty much the exact same as Boy Meets World and that is 100% okay with us. Farkle is Ryan’s favorite, but I love them all. I also love that Topanga is a lawyer and Cory is a teacher, throwing out some gender stereotypes. Auggie is adorable and Riley and Maya are the perfect Cory and Sean. Plus, those girls wear some awesome clothes. Yes, I’m jealous of middle schoolers wardrobes. Although I don’t think I would let my middle schooler dress like that.

Well, that turned into more than I thought. But we didn’t add any new shows except Girl Meets World. We are doing a few more Netflix shows, though. Ryan is currently watching Dexter and next up in the queue is Friday Night Lights FINALLY. Although basketball season is just around the corner, so there will be lots more of that on our TV.


One Comment on “Fall 2014 TV”

  1. Jamie says:

    I just saw my first episode of Girl Meets World a few weeks ago. Life changing.
    And yes, I know i should be watching Scandal. Just hate the thought of adding another show into my growing rotation.

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