Thankful List 2014

For the past several years, I have made a list of 50 things that I am thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. Why 50? Well, because that’s how many The Frugal Girl does and I “borrowed” this idea from her. Annnd, better late than never.

  1. Our home- it’s not perfect, but it’s ours (well, it’s the bank’s) and it has been a place where we have gathered with loved ones for fellowship, which is exactly why I wanted a house.
  2. Clean drinking water- it is an absolute luxury that I can turn on a faucet and clean water comes out of it. I hope I never take it for granted.
  3. Ryan- let’s just say I don’t know where I would be without him.
  4. Jolene- it’s hard to believe that one little puppy could bring so much joy to our lives. We love her and almost everyone that meets her wants to take her home with them. She is a total cuddle bug.
  5. Books- I love to read!
  6. Thanksgiving- I’m thankful that our forefathers took a day to rest and give thanks for all we have been given. Our country is far from perfect, but there’s no where else I’d rather live.
  7. Jesus- no one has changed my life the way he did. I’m so full of gratitude that he thought me worthy. I will spend my whole life trying to live by his example. Sweetest name I know.
  8. A warm bed- I will always think of The Blind Side when Michael Oher says he’d never had his own bed. I pray that one day Ryan and I can provide a bed for someone that otherwise wouldn’t have one.
  9. Nicole Curtis and other historic preservationist- I love old homes and hope I get to live in one someday. They are doing amazing work bringing awareness to this.
  10. The Bible- God’s word is living and moving and I hope that I will always learn something new from it every time I pick it up.
  11. My family of origin- for better or for worse, they are they reason why I am the way I am. I hope I make them proud.
  12. My job and Ryan’s job- we both enjoy what we do, which is an extra blessing on top of everything else.
  13. As always, my TV shows- we don’t watch as much regularly as we used to, but I do still love The Amazing Race, Nashville, Scandal, and Girl Meets World. Along with many others.
  14. Squirrels- Yes, those funny little animals just make me happy.
  15. My friends- I have some friends that I’ve known my whole life, some I’ve known since college (almost TEN years! gulp), and some for just about a year. They are all so precious to us.
  16. Glasses and contacts- I wouldn’t be able to see without them and I’m terrified of Lasik, so that’s not an option.
  17. Walks with Jolene- love getting out in the fresh air and moving.
  18. Our health- almost everyone I know is relatively healthy (and we had some scares this year) and I hope I never take that for granted.
  19. Plants- even though I let the ones on our front porch die in the cold, I love that plants connect us to God’s earth.
  20. Food- I have never been truly hungry and that is a blessing that I will never get over.
  21. Our Sunday School class and church- I have loved connecting with other people our age and in our life stage that have the same desires and priorities that we do.
  22. That I am starting to enjoy cooking- it’s not so much the actual cooking that I like, but really the act of providing good food for people to enjoy.
  23. Blogs- I love reading blogs and seeing the things that people have to say and how they live and have them inspire me and challenge me to live outside of my box.
  24. Bible study writers like Beth Moore, Shauna Niequist and Jen Hatmaker who teach me and inspire me and challenge me.
  25. All of my favorite apps- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Timehop. I can’t think of a better way to waste time. ;)
  26. The people that shop in the store. Yes, we have some grumpy, demanding people, but for the most part, everyone is super nice and delightful.
  27. Seasons- I can never choose a favorite season because I honestly love them all for different reasons. But winter is my least favorite, if only because it gets dark so darn early.
  28. Artwork in all of it’s many ways and forms.
  29. Ryan’s friends- he has great friends that he has known for years and they have all loved and accepted me.
  30. All of the great community organizations that are in Atlanta- we’ve started to get involved in some through our Sunday School class and we are wanting to start some on our own. I’m so thankful that people band together to help those around us.
  31. Mark Richt and the Georgia Football coaches and team- I feel like I say this every year, but there is no one on earth I’d rather have coaching my football team and leading those boys that him. This has been a tough year, but I never feel like he isn’t doing the right thing and that is something that I appreciate.
  32. A country where I am free to speak my mind, worship the way I want to, and am protected. We aren’t perfect by any stretch, but it’s great to be an American.
  33. A comfortable bed to sleep in every night. My bed is my favorite.
  34. Naps- It’s been a long time since I’ve taken one, but I do love them.
  35. My Rainbows. If I could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, those would be it, no question.
  36. Good smells like lavender, cilantro, dirt, and tomato vines. Without a doubt, brushing up against a tomato vine is my favorite smell. I can’t wait for summer!


Annnnd here’s the truth. I just need to wrap this up and be done with it. So it’s incomplete. But I’m not letting perfect be the enemy of good here and just publishing as is, now that we’re 2 weeks to Christmas. (Ahhhhh!!!)


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