Our December 2014 Pt. 1

I have to admit that the end of December was tough for me. Work was more difficult than normal and I shed some tears. I wasn’t excited about Christmas or the birth of the Christ child and I felt a lot of guilt over that. And now the new year has started and I’m wondering what it has in store for me. I’m going to spend the first half of the year fasting in different ways and I’m praying that God will use it as a time of worship and preparation for what’s coming in my life, whether things will change externally or not.

Anyway, besides that, it was a good month! Lots of time with friends and family and food!

At the beginning of the month, Monica had her annual ornament exchange. Mama came up and spent the night and Sarah and Pease came. We had a lot of fun and we always strategize to get what we want. It usually works out!

We also had Ryan’s work Christmas party and our Sunday School Christmas party, both of which I took zero pictures at. In the moment, I never want to stop and take a picture (plus, I feel a little awkward doing that), but then I end up wishing I had. Oh, well. It did all end up working out that every Christmas party we had was on Friday and then we had Saturday night to chill and hang out. And lest I forget, watch tons of basketball. And by that I mean Ryan watches while I read.

Of course, we put Jolene in an Arizona t-shirt. She actually tolerated it, unlike the Falcons jersey Ryan put her in. And yes, she always sits back on her butt like that with her legs kicked out. Other people think it’s hilarious, but I just always wonder how their dog sits on the sofa…. Isn’t that normal?

Sometimes I worry we won’t like our kid as much as we like the dog.

Of course, my favorite party of the year is always Kathleen and Avery’s Tacky Sweater party. This year is actually the first year Ryan didn’t have an excuse to get out of it (jokes) and we had a great time!

I think this picture may make our Christmas card for 2015. It’s too bad Jolene’s not in it because then it would be a sure thing. I probably shouldn’t spoil the surprise, but let’s be real. No one is going to remember that. Ryan is totally obsessed with that sweatshirt though and I’m quite sure it will be seen a lot more this December.

Because I am a lame blogger, I use the same picture collage that I posted on Instagram here. But that bottom picture is totally my favorite ever and I’m thinking of having it blown up to put over the toilet in our hall bath because Ryan likes having things to look at while he’s in there.

The next night I made Ryan take me to Tanaka because we hadn’t had it in a while and it seemed like a good way to kick off Christmas. (He got a vest for Christmas when Monica took him shopping and when he wears that vest with his hat and the beard, oh man. He’s the cutest thing.)

Christmas Eve was spent at church with Pete and Monica and then dinner with them and Kylie and Mama R.

Christmas morning, we woke up in our house and opened presents. I got Ryan socks and he got me a trip to the Grand Canyon so we were both happy.

We went up to Ryan’s parents and had breakfast at Waffle House, which is our new tradition. It’s awesome and totally one of my favorite things. Those hashbrowns are the bomb dot com. (I realize no one says that anymore, but it was the first thing that came to mind and I’m sticking with it.)

This was another one of my Christmas presents from Ryan. I’m somewhat obsessed with it.

All of Ryan’s family came in for Christmas and we had so much fun with the kids. After dinner, Ryan and I went downstairs and wrestled with them. Too much fun. Until Ryan took their side and helped them get my shoes off to tickle my feet. And while I was tickling Carter’s feet, things got a little crazy and he kicked me in the face. Totally worth it though, when he came up to me later, put his arms around me and said, “Aunt Sloan is my favorite.” Kid, you can kick me in the face anytime.

Well, that wraps up our month through Christmas Day and this is long enough. Stay tuned for part 2!!



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