Weekend Recap

Last week was the most beautiful week and this weekend was pretty close to perfection. Friday night, Ryan and I stayed in and watched Gone Girl. I had read the book, but Alec had been telling Ryan he needed to see the movie for forever, so we rented it and watched it. I thought it did a good job of staying close to the book, but Ryan thought it was a little predictable, but he liked it.

Saturday morning, we woke up and Ryan fixed the best breakfast. I’m currently doing to food portion of 7 and this was one of the best meals I’ve had during it. I will say that it helps having a spouse that likes to experiment in the kitchen.

After breakfast, we took Jolene to Sweetwater Park for a hike. It was so beautiful. A little chilly when we started off, but we were soon taking off layers. And Jolene LOVED it. We will definitely have to go back more. It was only 30 minutes from us and $5 a car to get in.

After our hike, we ran some errands around town and just hung out at the house waiting on Ryan’s basketball game. I was a teensy bit sad that I missed National Readathon Day but it was just too nice to stay inside alone. I will make it up one day.

Yesterday, we went to church and Sunday School and then Ryan and Ross headed to Greensboro to bring the pool table up here. Ryan has been working on the basement and this was part of it. It was a little scary watching them and Daddy take those huge pieces of slate downstairs, but they did it! Now we just need to have someone come and put it back together and refelt it and we will be in business!

We ended the weekend at Clay’s with Pease and Ross and an early bedtime. I was definitely sad to see this weekend end.


One Comment on “Weekend Recap”

  1. Monica Malires says:

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love you….let’s get together soon:) xoxo

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