Life Lately

What a week. Well, what a past two weeks. Well, really, what a past two months. It’s hard to believe it’s already March.

Let’s see…

Ryan and I went to Charlotte for the Belk Bowl and got to watch with Michelle and Trey. Such a fun game and great watching Grantham getting his butt kicked. :)

We spent New Years’ Eve with Pease, Ross, and Sheldon. It may have been my favorite ever. Totally low-key. We played cards until 11:30 and then figured we needed to watch the ball drop and drink a glass of champagne. So we did and then we were in bed by 1.

On New Years Day, we had a big group of friends over for lunch. We had the traditional New Years lunch and I hope we can make it an annual tradition. Just lots of food and friends. It was perfect.

The next week, I went to Philly for work and started our food fast. Being out of town makes it hard to eat chicken for every meal.

When I got back, Ryan finally did his eating challenge. He didn’t finish, but he got really close.

Mama made Ryan and me this amazing quilt! I can’t wait to get our room finished so we can show it off properly.

I painted our hall bath…

and chose paint for our bedroom. (Neither of those colors, actually.)

We had a great time at the Hawks game with Jay and Rebecca. Ryan is so happy he has someone in his life that cares about the NBA.

Mama and Daddy came to town and painted our bedroom while I was at work and Ryan was in Nashville. They’re the best.

And Mama did all of our laundry. Seriously. The best.

I painted spots in our hall bath and Ryan didn’t hate it! He called it weird, which is exactly what I was going for. Normal houses are boring. :)

Ross, Ryan, and Daddy moved Mimi and Papa’s pool table to our basement. We’ve played quite a few games down there. Sometimes, I actually play okay.

I got Heidi’s 2nd book in the mail and devoured it! So good!

On Valentine’s Day, we went to Charlotte and celebrated Papa’s 85th birthday!

Jolene watched the Westminster Dog Show. She’s the cutest.

We went to Arizona for a long weekend to see Ryan’s grandfather, including going to an Arizona game.

It was so nice and warm there.

And we came home to snow. I’m not sure this winter will ever end.

We had the 8th Angels on Earth lunch for work. It’s amazing to see how much it’s grown.

They’re my favorite.

Kathleen hosted a couples shower for Michelle and Trey. Callan and Jimmy drove up all the way from Miami. I love these girls.

And now I’m sitting here watching Georgia battle Kentucky. The game is in Athens and Charles Barkley, Bill Belichek (sp?) and Ashley Judd are all there. Fingers crossed for a win! Kentucky is currently undefeated and this would be a HUGE win for the Dawgs!


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