Secret Single Behavior

Ryan was gone all last week at a conference and then visiting friends. He left Monday and didn’t get back until late Sunday night. Because he is the one in our relationship that is the healthy eater and neater one, I had a little bit of “the cat’s away, the mice will play” going on. Just a few of the things I like to do when I’m alone- my “secret single behavior,” to borrow a phrase from Sex and the City.

1. Eat ice cream for dinner- Oh, yes. I have been enjoying lots of chocolate chip cookie dough. It takes me right back to childhood. This would never fly for Ryan. He wants healthy food. In fact, he just ate a head of broccoli for dinner last night and declared it one of the best meals he’s ever had. Blech.

2. Wear a lot of lotion- I usually put on some thick handcream before going to bed, but I recently found out that lotion freaks Ryan out. We all have our things, right? But I made sure to apply extra to make up for the times I’ve missed lately.

3. Snapchat too many selfies of me and Jolene to Pease and Michelle- This is pretty self explanatory.

4. Sleep with Aquaphor on my face- Yes, this is pretty weird. But wrinkles come from dryness and aquaphor is super hydrating. However, doing this is super weird so I try to do it when I’m alone.

5. Fall asleep to Friends instead of SportsCenter- ESPN is by far the most watched channel on our TV and because I usually read in bed while Ryan watches TV, we typically fall asleep to SC. However, Friends will always be my first choice when it comes to “background noise.” Well, after Hello, Dolly!


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